Is it worth investing money in online courses?

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We are not surprised that due to COVID-19 the number of participants of online courses rapidly increased.

Although the reasons why people decide to study virtually vary, there are few key benefits of online learning — from increased flexibility to lower costs.
If you're struggling with the decision whether to take an online course, check our list of the benefits of online learning. 😊

  1. Lack of geographical barriers: when you choose the online course, you are not limited by the location. Despite of the place where you live, you have a chance to study at the best school. Our courses take part in the mornings, afternoons and the evenings (CEST) so you will able to find the most suitable time for you to learn despite leaving in a different time zone.
  2. Lower cost: first of all, the online course are cheaper because there is no need of paying for classroom maintenance. Secondly, you do not have to travel to school and spend your money (and the time!) on a car fuel or bus tickets.  
  3. Connecting with people from all around the world: Online courses create the opportunity to engage with other learners from around the world. Through that interaction, you have the possibility to gain new friends from many different countries, and to learn how to cooperate with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  4. It’s truly time sawing!: by studying virtually you do not have to devote your free time to travel to school two times a week or even more often. Before you come to Poland for a vacation or holiday, you can always start learning Polish while you are still at your home. We promise you, Poles will be surprised when you will greet them with “Dzień dobry, co u ciebie słychać?” 😉 And they will really appreciate it!
  5. Gaining practical tech skills: if you are not familiar with Zoom, student’s zone and other digital tools you will have a great opportunity to get to learn them. And believe us – it’s really easy! You will be able to do it and you will like it 😊 Maybe in the future it will help you manage the remote work? Who knows 😉

We can find many more advantages of online learning. You are welcome to check if this method of studying works for you by taking on of our courses.

During summer time in our offer there are three courses:  

  • Summer semester ONLINE course: classes take place two times a week for 90min, in the mornings (at 9:30 am CEST) or in the evenings (at 6pm CEST). You will have possibility to participate in the free of chare phonetic or slang workshop. The course finishes on August 27th. At the end you will get a certificate of completion. Price: 650 PLN. Satisfaction and new friends? Priceless!
  • 2 – week intensive ONLINE courses: there are three 45min lessons a day, for two weeks (Monday to Friday). You start at 3pm and finish at 5:30pm (CEST). Price: 670 PLN. You will see the progress pretty soon! 😊
    Upcoming courses: 27.07 – 07.08.2020, 17.08 – 28.08.2020, 07.09 – 18.09.2020
  • Individual lessons: Online lessons give you the possibility to learn Polish in flexible hours adjusted to your daily schedule. Price: 60min lesson – 100 PLN.


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