Ready for Polish? - See you at Varia in October!

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You live in Cracow and…

… you’re going to meet your future Polish in-laws soon.

… most of your friends are Polish.

… you’d like to learn proper pronunciation of the street you live at (Grzegórzecka, Adolfa Szyszko-Bohusza, Librowszczyzna… :)).

… you love The Witcher game and you’ve always wanted to read the original series (“Wiedźmin”).

There is a million of reasons for living in Poland and learning Polish. No matter what your motivation, language level or time ability is, we will find you a suitable group and a nice teacher. You will see for yourself, how quickly you will be able to speak Polish!

What do we guarantee?


We’ve been teaching Polish for 14 years now. We teach Polish and Polish only. We are well up with that.

Involvement and passion, experienced team, effective teaching methods, individual approach to each student… Wonderful opinions from our students as well as awards and honors for the high quality of our services prove our work.


It’s important that you start using the language quickly. We focus on communication – conversations are practiced from the earliest stages of learning through carefully designed exercises.

The basis is to work in groups and in pairs. In the classroom we often use authentic materials such as TV recordings and original dialogues. All lessons, including beginner level, are taught in Polish only.

We not only teach to speak, but also how to speak. We pay great attention to linguistic correctness, pronunciation and the usage of grammatical skills.


We organize courses at all language levels - from beginner (A1.1) to advanced (C1).
We offer:

  • 3-week intensive courses - classes are held every day from Monday to Friday, 4 lessons per day (9.30 am - 12.45 pm). More information about the course, click here
  • Semester courses - classes are held two times per week (2 x 90 minutes), in the morning (9.30 am – 11.00 am) or in the evening (6.00 pm - 7.30 pm, 7.45 pm - 9:15 pm). Current schedule for the upcoming semester, click here.

Before the start of the course, we invite you to an interview and a placement test, after which you will be assigned to the appropriate group.


Do you have to leave for a few days? Or maybe you are planning a long weekend? If, for some important reason, you cannot participate in your classes, you can access the materials on the online student’s panel. The panel also gives you all the information about all the upcoming events organized by our school, all the workshops, get-togethers, etc.


The cost of a semester and a 3-week intensive course is 980 PLN. For all regular students, and those who enroll in more than one course we offer up to 150 PLN * discount. Do you sign up with friends or family? Ask us for group discounts. :)

*more information about discounts: click here.


To all our students we offer free conversations (Varia Talks), thematic classes, language workshops (Polish slang, phonetics, etc.), students’ get-togethers... More information about our cultural program can be found here. We would also like to help you discover the cultural and social side of Krakow. As a student, with the Varia Card you will receive attractive discounts in popular Krakow bars, cafes and restaurants.

The next semester starts soon, on the 9th of October. We invite you to come and become a part of our Varia world!

The registration form.

Our school is located in the city center, on Michalowskiego 2/3 street. Office working hours: Mon-Fri, 9.00 am – 7.00 pm.

See you at Varia! :)