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As every year, students from all over the world came to Varia to learn the Polish language. It’s hard to believe, but we had guests from 5 continents! :) During the very intensive 2 weeks, our students, accompanied by us, were discovering Kraków, Polish culture and the language. And we, thanks to them, had the possibility to get to know the whole world. But what did we do precisely?

Well, most of all, we were getting familiar with Polish :) Where?

  • in a sunny café-garden,
  • at a restaurant,
  • on the Main Market Square,
  • at a market,
  • in a bakery (trying to pronounce correctly: “Poproszę drożdżówkę z serem”),
  • during the coffee  break between classes,
  • during our workshops on Polish language and culture,
  • at the school, of course. :)

 We mastered our abilities to:

  • pronounce Polish sounds correctly during phonetic classes („Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie…”),
  • express our emotions at slang workshops („Masakra!”),
  • hold court at a Polish party during savoir-vivre lecture,
  • communicate on a local food market,
  • sing at a karaoke party,
  • ride a bike on our trips to Tyniec,
  • stay oriented while “traveling” together with Bartek across Poland (“The best of Poland” workshop),
  • and cook when we were preparing Polish pierogi (a few practical tips how to impress your Polish mother-in-law :)).

And in the evenings, there was the time to relax (while preparing homework, for example :)), to get together and to have fun, which included:


  • discovering Krakow’s night-life,
  • having late-hour conversations over Polish beer,
  • tasting delicious Polish food,
  • exploring the historical parts of the city,
  • chilling at the beach,
  • watching Polish movies…

It’d take too long to name all the things that we did together. :) But how was it? Have a look yourselves!


Thank you for the time spent together! Please remember that you are always welcome: a little chat and a cup of coffee are good enough reasons to pay us a visit. :) Do zobaczenia!