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Polish recipe for Easter


For those of you who haven’t participated in Polish Easter traditions yet, we have prepared a small crib. :)

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Intensive Polish course in 3 weeks


Have you just arrived to Kraków? Are you preparing to start studies or work in Poland? Or maybe you want to talk in Polish at the grocery store, post office or in a taxi?

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Nowy semestr w Varii!


We’re happy to announce a new semster at Varia! On the 11th of February we start the new semester courses. It will last until the end of May and we guarantee that you won’t get bored with us😊 Beside the regular classes we will be meeting also outside of the classroom – on the conversational meetings, integration parties and outdoor classes.

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Courses at Varia in the New Year


The New Year is coming! So if you are planning to learn Polish, at Varia we have a wide choice of courses for you… 😊 We’re providing classes on all levels. You can study in the mornings or in the evenings, take an intensive daily course -classes 5 times a week - or visit us regularly twice a week. Or perhaps the most suitable for you would be weekends? Individual classes? Online lessons? The choice is yours!

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Workshop week in Varia


„Chrząszcz brzmi...” - PRONUNCIATION WORKSHOP Those are fun and practical workshops of Polish pronunciation. Rustings, murmurs, cracks and grinds 😊. You will be surprised how fast you will cope with our consonants. VARIA – TALKI - converastions  ”Do zakochania jeden krok!” On Friday, 7th of December we’re inviting you for a conversational meeting. This time we’re going to talk about… love😊.  The ideal one, beautiful...