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Walking through green Cracow

The Main Square, Kazimierz, cracovian museums – those are definitely the “must see”. Though if you stay for a little longer in the city, you might be also interested in green areas of Kraków.

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El dragón de Wawel y su verdadera historia

Dejó sus huellas en varios sitios de Cracovia... Seguramente habéis oído hablar de él muchas veces... La popularidad del dragón de Wawel, símbolo, mascota y signo distintivo de Cracovia, es indiscutible.  Un dragón de peluche, un dragón de chocolate, un dragón sobre la camiseta y por fin una estátua de dragón en la Colina de Wawel a la orilla del Vístula... ?Pero de dónde ha venido? ?Y qué...

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Midsummer Eve

Very soon Cracovians will be celebrating the shortest night in the year called Midsummer Eve (Noc Świętojańska). For this occasion there is organised a Midsummer Market (Jarmark Świętojański) that will last from Friday till Sunday (15-17th June) on the Market Square.

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Spring in Kraków

Yay! The spring has finally arrived! There is the sun, energy and plenty of free time… 😉 Whether the warm days mean more outdoor sport for you or sweet naps in a hammock, we have a few propositions, that you might find interesting!

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Easter in Poland

If you’ve arrived to Poland not too long time ago, there is probably quite a few secrets you haven’t discovered yet, for example… some Polish traditions.