Conversational ONLINE course


December 11th 2020 - March 5th 2021 

Meetings take place on Friday at 6pm (CEST) on Zoom. 

Note: You do not have to take part in the entire course, you can choose the topics of your interest and participate only in these classes 😊.


40 PLN/10 EUR one conversational meeting (60min)

If your knowledge of Polish language is at least on A2.2 level, you like casual conversations on various topics, but you do not have many opportunities to speak Polish - the conversational course is just for you.​

We chose the topics of the meetings based on the experience of our teachers and the preferences of the students. We want them to be practical and specific, but also interesting and emotional, encouraging to speak, speak, speak...

The course will help you to expand your vocabulary, work on your pronunciation as well as on correct and fluent communication. It will also be an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with interesting people from different countries.





6 pm

 Good food is a very popular hobby. Culinary specialties and delicacies   of different countries. Recipes for our favorite dishes.


6 pm

 Christmas in Poland and other countries. How do we celebrate it? For   whom do we buy gifts? What not to buy? Ideas for interesting presents.   Christmas childhood memories.


6 pm

 Sport. Is it always healthy? Popular disciplines in different countries. Are we   active in sports? Sports idols.


6 pm

 A meeting for cats, dogs, fish, hamsters lovers... How pets change our lives?


6 pm

 A meeting about women…. Traditional and contemporary position of   women in different countries. Is equality a fact? The ideal woman in the eyes   of a man.


6 pm

 Let's talk about Poland and Poles… What surprises you the most in Poland,   what makes you laugh, what annoys you? What kind of people are Poles?


6 pm

 Energy vampire, mouseburger, funmaker – about the   richness of human nature. Who to surround ourselves with, who should we   avoid? Who are we ourselves?


6 pm

 Let's talk about the labor market... Careers of the future – what skills   and abilities matter the most? Remote working? Working with people? Or   having your own business?


6 pm

 Surprise 😉

05.03.2021 6 pm

 Good manners – about Polish savoir-vivre. How to behave and what to   avoid in different countries? „Risky” symbols and gestures.

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What you need to attend online classes: 

  • A computer with a headset with a built-in multimedia set (speaker and microphone) or a separate microphone and headphones. We recommend the latter solution.
  • Peace and quiet in the room where you are having a lesson. :)

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