Reglamento de los cursos semestrales


  1.  The enrolment for the course is held by filling in the application form (on-line or at the School’s office) and transferring the fee for the course. Paying the fee and receiving a confirmation results in the acceptance of those Regulations. The Regulations are constituents of the Agreement, which is signed by every student during the enrolment.
  2. To define the language level of the Student, she/he needs to complete a test and go through an interview with a teacher. It does not apply to:
    1. Students beginning their Polish language study for the first time
    2. Students who continue their studies at Varia
    3. Students who have achieved a certificate from a previous level at the School or possess an international certificate in Polish language.
  3. On the webpage Varia School provides the Students with a possibility to take a free placement test.
  4. The groups are created based on the Students’ language experience, age and individual needs.
  5. The course is appropriate for the students over 15 years old.
  6. It is possible to change the group for the one on a higher or a lower level in some justified cases, on the condition that the teacher is positive about the change and the Student agrees on it with the School’s Office.
  7. The courses are organised in the well-equipped classrooms by qualified teachers.
  8. The number of Students in a group vary from 4 to 12.
  9. In case that the previously planned group cannot be launched due to insufficient number of Participants, the Students will be reimbursed for the fee they have paid.
  10. In case the number of Participants drops down (to less than 4 people) after the start of the course, the School will propose the Students one of the solutions below:
    1. Joining another group on the same level
    2. Reduction of the number of the classes in the same group
    3. Reimbursement of the paid fee, subtracting the number of classes that the Student has already had.
  11. For the Students who join the course during the semester, the price is calculated  individually.
  12. The School reserves a right to change the Teacher in the middle of the course given the important organizational reasons.
  13. The School requires Students to be punctual, actively participate in lessons and prepare to the lessons. It is forbidden to interfere in a class, use a mobile phone or any other equipment that disrupts the group's work. Student must not behave in any way that is contrary to the norms of social coexistence, in particular regarding religious and national feelings.
  14. The School does not reimburse any payments for absences.
  15. In case of a teacher's illness, technical issues or other unforeseen circumstances, the School organizes a substitution or postpones the classes to another date suitable for all the Participants.
  16. The School reserves a right to record lessons for the didactic purposes. The recordings will be used only for the School’s purposes without sharing or distributing them to the third parties.
  17. In case of any suggestions or remarks please contact your Teacher, the Office or the Management.



  1. To obtain a certificate from the course a student has to take part in at least 60% lessons during the semester course and obtain positive grade from the final test.
  2. A Student goes to the course on the next level on the conditions of passing the final test (at least 60%), attending the lessons (at least 60% attendance rate), regular preparation of homework, active participation in the course and positive opinion of the teacher about the Student’s work and his/her progress.
  3. A Student who does not write a final test on the date set up for the group has a right to write it until the last day of the course.
  4. On request, we prepare confirmation of registration to the course, which can facilitate obtaining residence card or visa.



  1. Students are required to pay for the whole course in advance or to pay in instalments in accordance to an offer of the School.
  2. The price for the semester course includes 150 PLN administrative fee, which covers the cost of School’s preparation and organisation of the course.
  3. The price includes:
    1. Polish language lessons
    2. Additional materials (except for a textbook and a workbook) used in class
    3. Placement test
    4. Certificate of attendance
    5. Cultural programme (such as conversations, workshops)
  4. The price of the course will not be changed during the course.
  5. The Participants are required to pay for the course in advance or to pay in two instalments. Payment in two instalments does not influence the price for the course.

    a. The first installment for the course should be paid up to 2 weeks after receiving the confirmation of registration, if the registration is made up to a month before the beginning of the course. The remaining amount should be paid according to the dates given on the website under the tab "Semester courses".
    b. If a person registers for the course less than one month up to five days before it starts, the person must pay the first installment or the full amount for the course up to five business days.
    c. If a person register for the course less than 5 days before it starts, the full course fee applies.
  6. Payments can be made either in cash or to the bank account below:

    The account in PLN:
    VARIA s.c.-Centrum Języka Polskiego. Katarzyna Hoffmann, Aneta Kawa
    ul. Michałowskiego 2/3
    31-126 Krakow, Poland
    Name of the bank: mBank S.A. FORMERLY BRE BANK S.A. (RETAIL BANKING) LODZ 
    Bank address: Skrytka pocztowa 2108, 90-959 Lodz 2

    The account number/IBAN:PL 51 1140 2017 0000 4102 0546 3403

Bank account in EURO:
VARIA s.c.-Centrum Języka Polskiego. Katarzyna Hoffmann, Aneta Kawa
ul. Michałowskiego 2/3
31-126 Krakow, Poland
Bank address: Skrytka pocztowa 2108, 90-959 Lodz 2

The account number/IBAN:PL 70 1140 2017 0000 4012 0038 5708

  1. All bank fees should be paid by the Student.



  1. In case a Student wants to resign from the course, he/she needs to provide the School with a written resignation from the course. Then the settlement is held in accordance to the rules stated in  § 4, point 2 of those Regulations.
  2. The resignation regulations:

    a. In case the resignation is made over two weeks before the start of the course, the School reimburse the whole payment subtracting the administrative fee (150 PLN).
    b. In case a resignation from the course is made in two weeks leading up to the beginning of the course up to the day when the course starts, the Student who paid the full payment is reimbursed the amount reduced by the down payment.
    c. In case of the resignation from the course two days after the course begins, the payment is not reimbursed.
    d. In case the Student provides Varia Office with written resignation from the course containing the explanation and attached document which state that the resignation has been forced by unforeseen circumstances such as illness, difficult family situation, etc. the payment for the course can be cancelled.

    e. If a student applies for a visa or residence card and they received a proper document from the School, they are not entitled to reimbursement of the first instalment regardless of the time of resignation.
  3. In case a student does not pay the second instalment in due time or the latest week after the due time, he/she looses the right to attend the classes until settlement of the bill in accordance to those Regulations. A Student who does not pay the second instalment and stops attending the classes is still under the Agreement and is committed to its rules.
  4. Pursuant to § 4 sec. 2 of the regulations, if a course participant applied for a visa or a residence card on the basis of a document issued by Varia s.c. Centrum Języka Polskiego, the resignation from the course at any time before its commencement shall not constitute grounds for a refund of the first installment for the course. In a situation where the Student has paid the full amount for the course, the second installment is returned in accordance with § 4, point 2.


  1. The School gives discounts based on the up to dates promotions – the list is available on the webpage at tab:


  1. The right to claim the reclamation is granted to any Student. The reclamation can refer to the teaching methods and/or organizational issues.
  2. A reclamations can be made:
    1. At the office of Center of Polish Language Varia (Michaowskiego 2/3 street, 31-126 Kraków) in the written form
    2. Via e-mail to the adress:
  3. The accurate complain should include:
    1. The personal data of the Student (name, surname, adress, mail)
    2. Description of the situation causing the complaint
    3. Student’s demand on how he/she wishes that his/her case is resolved
  4. The reclamation should be made no later than 7 (seven) days from the event causing the complaint.
  5. The School has 7 (seven) days to consider the case from the moment of receiving the complaint.
  6. The Student will be informed on the way of resolving the issue via e-mail or phone call.
  7. The refund should be agreed with the Student on particular case.


§ 7 COVID - 19


1.  During the current pandemic situation regarding infections with the SARS-CoV-2 virus course participants agree to a break in classes for the quarantine time should the whole group undergo quarantine. Classes which have been postponed will be rescheduled such as to accommodate students' calendars and availability.
2.    During the current pandemic situation regarding infections with the SARS-CoV-2 virus all course participants agree to a change of the way the course is being performed from class-room training to remote (online) training if the epidemic risk before the start or during the course rises higher and/or if the government introduces new restrictions or guidelines making a class-room training impossible or difficult.
3.    Course participants will be informed of any changes to the way the course is being performed or of any breaks via email or phone as per contact details provided in the application form.
4.    The course taking place remotely (online) forms a proper execution of the contract and therefore is no legal basis for asking for a refund or rebate of the course fee by the course participant.